RebootAlert – sends an alert by mail if Mac is booted


On windows servers I usually let me send a mail via Task Scheduler, when a server a server booted.
The idea behind: If I reboot a server, I know that it successfully restarted and if there was an outage or a user which booted the server, I will be informed.

Based on my article about permanent Static Routes for Mac OS X, I wrote a script which sends me a mail, when the server (re-)booted. Continue reading

Fedora 18 – an alternative for my OS X?

For years, I tried several times to switch to Linux. But I always had several issues – so I came always back to (Mac) OS X. But again… It want to try it!

But why this? I like OS X and it does what I want like I want it to

  • Being a member of our local Linux User Group (, it would be nice to use what we’re talking about
  • Using Linux’s I learnt many things concerning OS functionalities, etc. which helped me to better understand (Mac) OS X and other operating systems
  • Last but not least, for my ego, to prove myself that I can switch to Linux
  • etc.

Read below some impressions I had the last few days… Continue reading

Show User Library Directory in Mac OS X 10.7 Lion

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Mac OS X 10.7 defaults to hiding the users Library directory, this is probably to keep people from accidentally deleting or damaging files that are necessary for OS X Lion to function properly. That is fine for novice users, but for some of us, we want to be able to access ~/Library/ at will. A visible Library folder was also the default setting in past versions of Mac OS X, here is how to get this back. Continue reading

Adding and removing individual login items from Terminal

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As shown in this hint, there is a way to use the defaults command-line tool to add items to the Login Items list of the Accounts or Users & Groups System Preference panel:

defaults write loginwindow AutoLaunchedApplicationDictionary -array-add '{ "Path" = "/path/to/itemname"; "Hide" = 0; }'

Unfortunately, Apple provides no easy way to use defaults to remove a given login item from the list. While you can remove all login items by deleting AutoLaunchedApplicationDictionary, that’s usually not what you want to do.

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OS X Lion Terminal Hacks

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Below some nice OS X Lion (and probably olders too) hacks

Further Reading:

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Profile Manager, mdmclient and profiles in OS X Lion

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I wrote an article awhile back, looking at profiles from iPhone Configuration Utility. In Lion, the Profile Manager service can be used to create profiles that can be pushed to OS X or iOS clients. Clients can install profiles by going to a web page or they can be deployed using scripts. Once installed, mdmclient, a binary located in /usr/libexec will process changes such as wiping a system that has been FileVaulted (note you need to FileVault if you want to wipe an OS X Lion client computer). /System/Library/LaunchDaemons and /System/Library/LaunchAgents has a mdmclient daemon and agent respectively that start it up automatically.

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